Can you buy brand advocacy for a bag of sweets?

I recently received a delivery from Online retailer LED Hut. I’ve gone pretty much energy efficient LED lighting throughout our house as part of the renovation work we’ve been doing, and having done my research I ended up purchasing all the bulbs I needed from these guys.

Ordering was painless, they arrived as expected via courier. I’d say at this point that I was a happy customer. If you’d asked me for recommendation of where to get LED bulbs from I would have sent you to them. Would I have classed myself a “brand advocate” from them. No, not really, they were doing “hat it said on the tin”. What really changed things for me though was my experience with my most recent order.

I ordered a couple of LED compatible Dimmer switches and, as one of those “last minute throw it in the basket ” impulse purchases also bought an LED torch from them too. There are no street lights in our village and we’re rapidly finding that no number of small powerful torches strategically placed in cars, coat pockets and kitchen drawers is too many! The torch was a mere £1.99 (batteries not included).

The delivery arrived at the prescribed hour, the dimmers worked perfectly, but the torch was faulty. I almost just threw it away and wrote off the £1.99 but instead I dropped LEDHut an email. After a quick email exchange and 24 hours of time passing, not only did a new one arrive, it arrived via the same 24 hour courier service in a pre-defined one hour slot, and in the bag accompanying the torch was a little bag of Haribo Starmix!

Now I’m not pretending that it was the bag of sweets that really tipped me from being “passively positive” about LED Hut, but it was that little extra touch I think, in what must have been a hugely loss making exercise to replace the faulty item that led me to tweet to my thousands of followers on twitter about the service that I had received, and to spend some time to write this post!

“OK” Customer Service would have been to refund me the money for the torch. I would have been £1.99 “richer” and before the advent of social media, the whole thing would have gone unnoticed. But I got great customer service, and because of social media, a way of thanking those that delivered it.
No, you can’t buy brand advocacy for a bag of sweets but you can demonstrate to your customers great customer service and reap the rewards that go along with that in our socially connected world.

Is there an opportunity for you to do something similar in your business? Why not contact us for a chat and let’s see what we can help create better brand advocacy for your business.

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