B2B Video — Four Examples of how you could be using it more

We’ve been doing quite a bit of B2B Video marketing work of late.

Services like promo.comRipl and wave.video to name but three, have put regular animated content in the grasp of those with even the most limited of marketing budgets. These platforms also tend to be mobile friendly, also giving the opportunity to create quality content on the go — perhaps incorporating your own video taken in real time with stock or pre-prepared content that you’ve created before leaving your desk.Your first thought when thinking B2B video might be long “explainer” videos, webcast replays and recorded presentations posted directly to Youtube, but with native video support now available on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, there are now opportunities to do much more using these kinds of services both quickly and cost effectively.

To get you thinking, here are few examples of different ways you might want to utilise animated content from recent work we’ve been involved with:

Facebook Cover:

Did you realise that the banner image on your Facebook page doesn’t have to be a static image? Why not use the opportunity to quickly articulate your products or services, or to advertise your latest offer?

Blog Post teaser

What if you have blog post that doesn’t include compelling visual imagery as part of the post? You could trawl some royalty free image libraries like Pixabay to find an image to use to promote your post on social media, but what about a quick teaser video?

Free Content (eBook) Download

You’ve developed some content that you believe will be valuable for your target audience and you are keen to drive traffic to the squeeze page to drive downloads. What about creating something to promote it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter?

Event Invite

You’re trying to drive registrations to your live event. Why not deliver the key information and some imagery to entice clickthrough and registration? Note, in this example the video is square. This format can work well on both twitter and Facebook. Depending on the platform you are optimising for, you’ll likely want to render in more than one set of dimensions. This is another place where using the services mentioned can help, allowing to you to choose the formats you wish to render for as part of the process and ensure that once resized it all still looks good.

An Expanded World of B2B Video

Explainer videos, recordings of presentations and webcasts and staged interviews are all tried and tested methods to create quality B2B video content. The costs and complexity of creating and editing these however means they are likely best used for “evergreen” content that you’ll come back to and use time after time.

The availability and affordability of services like wave.video et al. however now add another useful tool in the battle for attention and engagement with our audiences.

If you’d like to chat some more about how video might fit into your marketing strategy, why not talk to us.

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